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  • Timeline: April 2022 -
  • Stack: Typescript, Remix, MySQL, Prisma, Tailwind, Vercel, Planetscale, Plausible
  • Status: active

The political streamer Hasanabi allows his fans to clip his stream VODs, upload those clips to YouTube and make money from his content.

Due to this there are 100+ different YouTube channels dedicated to him. Some of these fan channels have over 100.000 subscribers. I saw the opportunity to build something useful for his community by creating a web app which aggregates all of these channels into one feed. It’s called

In February 2022 I built a proof of concept while I had Covid. Over the next few months I iterated on it until it was ready to launch.


Screenshot of analytics from April - May 2022

I first launched the project in April 2022 and Hasan looked at it on his stream while live to roughly 30.000 people.

I also posted it on Reddit:

I created a web app to organise the HasanAbi Clips Industrial Complex (link in the comments)

by u/chrcit inHasan_Piker

Launching v1.1 and making my first online $$$

Shortly after the initial launch I refactored the codebase from Next to Remix and added some extra features.

I also added a donate button to the website. I used Buy Me A Coffee to handle the donations. After the launch of v1.1 people donated around $60.

I also posted about it on Reddit again:

HasanHub v1.1 is live! Now with duration filters, multi tag selection and Hasan’s Twitch schedule

byu/chrcit inHasan_Piker

Posting on /r/reactjs

In August 2022 I posted it on /r/reactjs.

Screenshot of from August 2022

I created a web app for a streamer and launched it to 30k people (details+stats in the comments)

by u/chrcit in


The active users stagnated at around 30 per day until in December 2022 and January 2023 Hasan opened it on stream again. After that exposure the active users went up to 300-400 per day.

The extra attention lead to people again donating $103 in total.

Screenshot of from November 2022 - January 2023

Creating a Twitter account

Early 2023 I decided to seperate the Hasanhub Twitter account from my personal developer account. I created @hasanhub_com to post Hasan related content.